Happy Clean LLC is a Professional Cleaning Company

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Consistent Approach, Consistent Results

Happy Clean is a steam cleaning company founded in Miami with a vision to provide steam cleaning services to properly sanitize and disinfect each of our client’s homes and businesses. We don’t view ourselves as simply delivering cleaning services – as the leading steam cleaning company in Miami, we deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

The most important part of Happy Clean is you, the customer. We use steam cleaning as a solution that provides the most effective cleaning possible to keep you safe and protected. Steam cleaning protects you from microbes of all kinds and will get your home and business sparkling clean.

Happy Clean LLC is a Professional Cleaning Company

Why Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is effective in disinfecting any area for up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses – plus, it removes regular dirt too! This means it is effective against such threats as the COVID-19 coronavirus, so your home office won’t just be clean, it will be protected against any lingering health hazards too.

Our services include:

We’re Happy because we make our customers happy, deep cleaning and, window washing effectively while customizing our service for each job. Our attention to detail and pursuit of customer satisfaction set us apart as the premier provider of cleaning services in Miami.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to:

  • →  Properly sanitize and disinfect everywhere we work with steam
  • →  Use environmentally friendly cleaning methods and steam
  • →  Provide the steam cleaning services you need simply, quickly, and easily
  • →  Tailor our steam cleaning service for homes and businesses specifically to your needs
  • →  Always make our customers Happy by delivering 100% customer satisfaction

If you have any questions about our house cleaning services or commercial cleaning in Miami, we’ll be happy to give you an answer. Just email support@happycleanllc.com today to let us know what you need or chat with an agent directly on our website.