How hard can post-construction cleaning be?

Cleaning in the aftermath of construction work

If construction work has been done in your home or business, you will need to clean up construction dust. While the construction work that has been completed will be beneficial to you, what’s left behind afterward can be less useful!

The construction area can be a mess, and it’s common for the effects to spread around a building. The fine dust that is generated from sawing wood, installing drywall, or any other regular construction tasks can spread without anyone noticing – but when it settles, you can’t miss it!

This dust can trigger allergies and asthma and work its way into your lungs. It can also cause you to develop a cough or sore throat due to the constant inhalation of these particles.

Cleaning in the aftermath of construction work is vitally important not only for the look of your home or office but also for your health.

Construction Clean-Up Services

Even with the best of intentions, a construction worker is contracted to construct, not to clean up. While construction workers are usually conscientious and will clean wherever they can, the level of cleaning they provide is not typically comparable to a professionally cleaned building.

The best way to clean dust after construction work, or to clean up any other post-construction issues, is to choose a professional team to do it for you. Without specialized equipment, you may just find yourself moving dirt around rather than removing it.

Perhaps you’ll try to remove dust with water – depending on the source, this may work or may make the situation worse. You can create a sludge that sets hard if you don’t get it right!

With our experience in providing post-construction clean-up services, the team at Happy Clean will ensure that the right tools and methods are used to remove any dirt correctly.

Avoiding Allergies

We use equipment with HEPA filters designed to trap small particles and prevent recirculation into the air. This means that construction dust is taken out of the atmosphere and disposed of, significantly reducing the potential for allergies to be triggered.

How to Clean Residential Windows After Construction

Our team is skilled in cleaning windows, and we always leave you with the best possible view. We use eco-friendly methods to help shift even stubborn dirt, so the mess that can be created by construction work causes no issues at all.

We use non-toxic cleaners to clean construction dust from other surfaces so that you can return your home or office to its normal state.

Happy Clean can provide construction clean-up services for commercial properties such as offices when a construction project has been completed, retail stores that have had construction work done to enhance the shopping experience, and homes that have been improved through any type of construction work.

If you want to get your home or business looking its best while gaining the maximum benefit of any construction work, be sure that you get your building cleaned to the highest standard by the team that genuinely cares about its customers – Happy Clean.

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