How to remove hard water stains from glass?

When you live in a hard water area, you’ll know the struggle of trying to keep your glass shiny and free from stains. We all know that soap and water can’t always do the job, and you don’t necessarily want to use products containing harsh chemicals to help.

If you’re like most people, your windows are a focal point in your home. They allow natural light to stream in and provide an unobstructed view of the world outside. One thing that can detract from this effect is hard water stains on glass which may appear as specks, large patches of discoloration, or even give the whole piece of glass a cloudy appearance.

It isn’t just your external windows you need to worry about. Stains can appear on shower glass doors and in other areas – so how can you get rid of them?

How to clean cloudy glass windows?

Hard water stains are created by a build-up on the surface of the glass. On external windows, this can come from minerals within raindrops or splashes from sprinkler systems. For people living in high rises near the ocean, the most common cause is the salt found in the ocean water. This can be lifted and deposited on your window by the wind, and if proper maintenance is not undertaken, hard water stains will soon develop.

In your shower, the source of such stains is more likely to be the shower water itself or the bathing products you use.

A simple remedy is to try scrubbing with soap and water, but this can often have minimal effect, as we’ve already noted. Using water and vinegar to wash the glass can help, as the vinegar helps break down the dirt, but it can be hard work and often ineffective. You might try a window washing solution with Jet Dry to reduce the appearance of stains, but the chemicals in the product may not be eco-friendly.

However, there is an alternative!

How to remove hard water deposits from glass?

Professional steam cleaning with steam created from distilled water (containing no mineral deposits) can remove hard water stains effectively. Steam penetrates, loosens, and breaks down the mineral deposits that cause the issue. It’s safe and chemical-free and doesn’t leave any residue or odor behind.

However, we don’t use steam to remove hard water stains from exterior windows. Instead, we use ultra-fine steel wool #0000, which is ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as glass. It removes stains of all kinds without marking and leaves your windows wonderfully clean.

If you need to remove hard water stains from glass easily, contact Happy Clean today, and we’ll take care of it for you.

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