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Steam cleaning your appliances!

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Steaming appliances

How often do you steam clean your appliances? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably not enough. Many people have never even considered steam cleaning their appliances, but it’s undoubtedly worthwhile doing so.

Why Should You Steam Appliances?

Let’s talk about how steam cleaning works and why it’s better than traditional cleaning. Steam is a powerful force because it can penetrate most materials quickly and easily. It can kill 99.9% of bacteria in its path by heating surfaces until they’re boiling, so you know that your appliances will be squeaky clean once you power through with steam.

A steam cleaner will effectively remove bacteria and residue from surfaces that soap or water alone cannot reach. The steam also loosens dirt and debris so it can easily be wiped away, leaving your appliances perfectly clean and sanitized.

Steam Cleaning a Refrigerator

Your refrigerator can be a veritable breeding ground for bacteria. Small spills, out-of-date food, and other problems can quickly escalate, leaving you with a dirty fridge that doesn’t smell too great.

The steam’s heat can be used on shelves and drawers to kill any bacteria that may be lurking in the crevices and cracks of your refrigerator, so you’ll never have to worry about food becoming unsafe again.

Steam Cleaning an Oven

An oven is less likely to suffer from a bacteria problem but can easily be covered in grease and burnt-on food. Sometimes, this becomes so solid that it can’t be easily scraped off – but steam provides the solution.

Steam can penetrate the burnt-on residue and loosen it from the oven’s surface. This is how to clean a stainless steel appliance, too – use steam to loosen any residue that won’t budge. After applying steam, any burnt-on residue can be wiped away with ease.

Steam Cleaning a Microwave

A microwave can be a home for bacteria and food residue, so steam is the perfect choice to get your microwave spotless. As with an oven, any burnt-on or stubborn stains are easily lifted, and the microwave is sanitized to help prevent food contamination.

Steam Cleaning a Dishwasher

The steam will get deeply into the dishwasher and reach all of the nooks and crannies that bacteria tend to lurk and thrive in. Steam can also eliminate those food scraps that are stuck in hard-to-reach places for even more thorough cleaning.

When you use your dishwasher, you want to get your dishes clean, and you don’t want to be recycling dirt from previous washing cycles. Using steam to clean your dishwasher ensures your safety and improves the effectiveness of the dishwasher itself.

How to Steam Clean Your Appliances?

While it’s possible to buy steam cleaners for personal use, they can be challenging to operate and don’t always provide the same level of cleaning as a professional steam cleaning team.

At Happy Clean, we’re experts in steam cleaning appliances. If you’ve never had your appliances steam cleaned before, or if you want to get your appliances cleaner than ever, contact us today and let us help you clean your refrigerator, oven, microwave, and dishwasher.


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