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Extra Services

Happy Clean LLC offers a complete range of extra cleaning services in Miami including steam sink drainage, steam trashcans, steam sliding door tracks, and more.

Steam Sink Drainage

Steaming your sink drains can stop the build-up of dirt, grime, mold, and bacteria in your drain pipes and increase the speed at which your sink empties. Growing mold can produce foul odors, and while using chemicals to clean drains can help, chemicals may also damage your pipes. If this results in pipes splitting or cracking, a spillage of a potent mix of bacteria, mold, chemicals, and dirty water can result. Avoid the problem by regularly steam cleaning your sink drains instead.

Steam Trashcans

Trashcans can easily become a bustling city for bacteria. Wiping them down will only go so far, so we use steam cleaning for trashcans to ensure your trashcan is as clean as can be, free from bacteria, mold, viruses, and other microbes.

Steam Sliding Door Tracks

You might not have considered steaming sliding door tracks, but we know it’s a great solution for keeping the tracks clean. Steaming removes more dirt easily than any other method, which has the bonus of keeping your doors sliding smoothly.

Steam Bicycle

Whether it’s a gentle ride on a sunny day or a downhill race to the finish line, bicycles will quickly get dirty. Sweat on the handlebars and seat, dirt and mud on the wheels and pedals, it all adds up quickly. Steam cleaning your bicycle will bring back the sparkle and get rid of any lingering dirt and bacteria, making your ride as pleasant as possible.

Steam Golf Clubs

Golf clubs can pick up dirt whenever you’re playing a round. Every time the club comes into contact with the ground, and every time you (or anyone else) holds a club, there’s potential for the transfer of viruses or bacteria. Left uncleaned, bacteria will grow and multiply. Steam cleaning golf clubs will remove all dirt and microbes leaving your gold clubs safe to play with and looking great.