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Post-Construction Steam Cleaning IN MIAMI

Happy Clean LLC is a professional post construction cleaning company in Miami, FL providing a complete range of post construction cleaning services in Miami and surrounding areas.

post construction cleaning services in Miami

For many businesses and individuals, construction work can bring both pleasure and problems. The benefits are the creation of a new building, alterations to an existing building, better use of space, or even more space becoming available. The downside is that construction work is rarely ever clean and definitely won’t clean itself – you need professional post-construction cleanup services to guarantee that everywhere is clean after the work has been completed. 
Dirt, dust, and other mess can severely disrupt other parts of a building, and when any kind of construction work is completed, the new area itself may need a thorough cleaning. As construction cleaning contractors, we offer the post-construction cleaning Miami needs for buildings of all kinds.
After construction cleanup jobs both large and small, we are the team you can trust to get the job done well, respecting your property, and always delivering a consistently high result.

When you need post-construction cleaning services, contact Happy Clean to find out how we can help. We are the complete building cleaning company that you need to get the maximum benefit from your newly completed construction project in South Florida.

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When you have had construction work completed, whether it’s a small upgrade or larger-scale remodeling, there may be some cleaning up required afterward. Dirt, dust, and debris may find their way into the most unlikely locations, and the most effective way to clean up after construction is to choose a post-construction cleaning company like Happy Clean.

We will get everything back to the way it should be, spotlessly clean and ready to be used by you and your family, or the occupants of a commercial construction project. Our professional team members at Happy Clean will take away trash and clean each room as required to provide a clean environment for anyone to live or work in.

post construction cleaning services in Miami

If the construction work is being completed in an already-existing building, the dirt and dust generated can easily spread, causing carpets, furniture, and windows to become covered in a fine layer that may not be easily removed. Simply trying to wash it away may make it worse, creating a muddy layer from what was once dust, and potentially causing damage to items that either you or other people own. Rather than going to the trouble of cleaning it properly yourself, or paying to replace the damaged items, simply get in touch with Happy Clean.
Our cleaning process is always efficient and reliable, and you’ll be able to enjoy the results of the construction work as quickly as possible. We have great experience in cleaning all types of locations in South Florida, and we use the latest technology to ensure our post-construction cleanup services always deliver the finish you desire.

Construction Cleaning Jobs

post construction cleaning services in Miami

The post-construction cleaning Miami residents require can be for quite large projects that require intensive cleaning work, but that’s not a problem for Happy Clean. We are happy to take on construction cleaning jobs of all sizes, and can even provide an interim cleaning service for construction jobs that are not yet fully completed.
If the work is underway and has affected other areas of the building, it is wise to clean the area as soon as possible to prevent possible permanent damage. Windows can become dull from dust, and we are skilled in providing the window cleaning Miami buildings need during and after construction.

If you’ve been searching for post-construction cleaning companies near me, Happy Clean is the ideal solution. Our work can be tailored to your specific requirements, and our prices are always highly competitive. We offer a full range of cleaning services in Miami to help you at any stage of construction and can clean both interior and exterior areas.
Construction cleaning jobs can be scheduled for a time and date that is convenient for you, and our aim is 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to our post-construction cleanup services. If you’re not satisfied, we won’t be either, and we’ll do what we can to make it right for you.

Construction Final Cleaning Services

When construction work is completed, we know that the owner of the building is going to want to see what has been done. Our construction final cleaning services provide the opportunity to have the construction area (and any other areas as appropriate) professionally cleaned to provide a great first impression.
Not only will the work look great, but it will also create a safe environment for the construction work to be viewed in. Dust and other small particles can cause allergic reactions or breathing difficulties, and we can get rid of the issue easily.
We use vacuums with HEPA filters that are designed to trap extremely small particles.

post construction cleaning services in Miami

Vacuums without HEPA filters can often draw in dust, microbes, and other small particles, only to throw them out at the other end and recirculate them in the air, which is less than desirable.
This is an ineffective method of cleaning and can cause more problems than it solves – that’s why we are confident that our post-construction cleanup services can get your building extremely clean. The freshness and cleanliness will enhance the work that has been done, and after construction, cleanup should be an integral part of any construction process.
The construction process can be long, and so we know it is important to you that it is finished well. We are careful to check every area, from the floor to the tops of fixtures within the building, to find dust and dirt wherever we can.
If your construction work is on a residential project, we can provide full residential cleaning services to ensure that the building is clean. We also provide commercial cleaning services for new developments, building modifications and updates, remodeling, etc. For buildings intended as hospitality locations, medical facilities, stores, and any other type of building, we will complete the construction cleaning jobs that ensure your building is ready for use.
The money you’ve invested in construction work will be well spent when you include the post-construction cleaning cost within your budget, as the work will shine through after a complete post-construction cleaning from Happy Clean.

What is Included in Post-Construction Cleaning?

post construction cleaning services in Miami

Post-construction cleaning Miami buildings require can vary depending on the work that has been completed. In the case of a complete construction project from the ground up, several visits may be required.
The first might be after the initial work is completed, and the next might be after all basic connections to electricity, water, etc have been made. When the interior of the building has been completed, a further post-construction cleanup job may be required to prepare the building for use. By taking care of the cleaning process at every stage of your construction project, you will know that when the time comes for the construction final cleaning services to be completed, the project will truly shine.

For smaller projects such as minor remodeling, only the portion of the building that has been worked on may need cleaning after the work is complete – although, as noted above, if dust and debris have spread to other areas within the building, the scope for post-construction cleaning services may be wider.
Post-construction cleaning can include debris removal to ensure that areas are clear of waste materials, along with dust removal by manual and mechanical means. Walls, doors, shelving, and other flat surfaces can be cleaned and made dust-free, while floors will be cleaned with vacuums. Steam cleaning can be used to fully extract all dirt and sanitize areas post-construction, and window cleaning will ensure all parts of the building have been cleaned properly.

Newly installed windows may still have stickers on them to indicate size or specification, and we will make sure these are removed too. We will clean window frames and window sills, door frames, and any part of the building that needs attention.
No area will be left uninspected and all areas will be cleaned to guarantee that the building is truly clean. You’ll be thrilled with the cleanliness and freshness of the completed cleaning work, and your construction work will only benefit from the touch of a professional post-construction cleaning company.
We aim for 100% customer satisfaction with every cleaning task and therefore will work to the specific needs of the construction project. By combining your needs with our experience, you are guaranteed to have a wonderfully clean building with our post-construction cleaning in Miami.

post construction cleaning services in Miami

Post-Construction Cleaning Cost

One of the primary questions asked when you have been looking for post-construction cleaning companies near me is the post-construction cleaning cost for any project. Several factors determine the price of any after construction cleanup, and the initial factor is the size of the building or area to be cleaned. The next factor is the amount of cleaning that will be required as not all construction projects generate the same amount of dirt or debris.

Whatever the result is, you can be certain that our prices are always competitive and that the cleaning will be completed to a very high standard.

The Building Cleaning Company That Uses Steam Cleaning

post construction cleaning services in Miami

When we perform post-construction cleanup services in Miami, we often use steam cleaning equipment to ensure the job is completed efficiently. Steam is known to be as effective as a disinfectant for the control of microbes including bacteria and viruses, and can often reach places that disinfectant will not touch. Steam can penetrate small gaps and holes, providing more complete coverage than disinfectant.
This means that our cleaning services leave your building fully sanitized. Cleaning with steam helps to minimize the transmission of diseases including the COVID-19 virus, also known as SARS-CoV-2, making it a highly effective and safe method of after construction cleanup.

We know that viruses and other microbes can remain viable for hours or days on certain surfaces, and steam cleaning will remove the threat simply and effectively.
Of course, steam cleaning for construction cleaning jobs is not just for virus control. Many cleaning products may contain harsh chemicals that are not only bad for the environment but can also ruin the finish of the floor, doors, and cabinets. Steam has no such negative effects.
Steam cleaning can also remove dirt and dust easily and will make short work of ground-in dirt. This can be a common problem in construction projects as contractors may bring dirt in on their boots, or large amounts of dust and dirt may be in the atmosphere of the building due to the work that has taken place.
Simple scrubbing will ensure that the dirt becomes even more ground in, while steam cleaners can loosen and lift dirt effortlessly. This means that steam cleaning is one of the most effective tools for post-construction cleanup services in Miami.
We use steam cleaning technology for its safety and also for the great results it provides. We can clean up after construction quickly and efficiently because we make full use of the steam cleaning technology that is available to us.

Post-Construction Cleaning in Miami with Your Project at Heart

Every construction job is different, and therefore every post-construction cleaning job is different too. When we provide construction final cleaning services or other services for cleaning during your construction project, we make sure that we work to your benefit.
This means adopting your schedule, working when you need us to, and offering a range of cleaning services that help you when and how you need to be helped. Above all, cleaning services need to fit in with the way the construction is completed, and we need to be flexible enough to work with you to ensure a good outcome.
Our experience leads us when it comes to post-construction cleaning in Miami, and we understand where dirt and debris are most likely to be found.

Post construction cleaning services in Miami

We also know what needs to be done to extract and remove this dirt, and we will work efficiently on every task for post-construction cleaning.
It is not always the construction company that will call on construction cleaning contractors. Oftentimes, homeowners will have construction work completed and there can be dust and debris left behind that needs to be cleaned up. If you have chosen to have remodeling work completed or are renovating a home, our services can prove invaluable and will save you hours of work cleaning up after the construction work is done.
We are a whole-building cleaning company capable of providing commercial cleaning services in Miami alongside residential cleaning services. We are not concerned with what the building is used for, our focus is on getting it sparklingly clean – and that is something which we excel at.
We maintain consistently high cleaning standards for all types of buildings and construction work, and we make certain that the post-construction cleaning cost is affordable and fair. We are certain that you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of your construction project or remodeled home without the hassle of dust and debris being left everywhere when you choose Happy Clean for the post-construction cleanup project.

post construction cleaning services in Miami

Post-Construction Cleanup Services Across South Florida

We service the whole of the Miami area with all our regular cleaning services including post-construction cleanup. We are committed to customer satisfaction, and when you have been looking for post-construction cleaning companies near me in Miami, you’ll be glad that you’ve found Happy Clean.
With our specialist knowledge and dedicated equipment, there is no easier or faster way of completing post-construction cleanup. We will be your construction cleaning contractor for any project, whenever you need us. You want to complete your project in the best way you can, and we can help you achieve your goal.
From small projects to whole building construction or remodeling projects, we are here for you and ready to help. Always professional and friendly, you can always trust Happy Clean to provide the best in after construction cleanup.

Post-Construction Cleaning in Miami

When you need post-construction cleaning in Miami, call 305-200-8122 to arrange an appointment or chat with an agent directly on our website. At Happy Clean, we will provide construction final cleaning services as per your requirements and can help with all kinds of cleaning services at any stage of your construction project.
We’re happy to provide a quote for any project you have in mind, and we’re certain you’ll be happy with the price and level of service that you will receive. Contact us or book an appointment for post-construction cleanup services today – get the best out of your construction work and see it as it was intended to be.

post construction cleaning services in Miami
Post-Construction Steam Cleaning | Happy Clean LLC

Post-Construction Steam Cleaning Coverage

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Bathroom and kitchen countertops must be cleared before service.

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