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Happy Clean LLC offers a complete range of house and home cleaning services in Miami and surrounding areas for residential customers.


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house and home cleaning services in Miami for residential customers

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Cleaning services aren’t just for businesses – Happy Clean provide top to bottom residential cleaning services in Miami too. From your windows to your floors we’ll make everything spotless, safe, and clean.
We know that you have a busy life, and it is not easy to fit in everything that you need or want to do. House cleaning is often not at the top of the list of enjoyable tasks and isn’t a priority – until you see the results of not cleaning for a while! Everyone deserves to be proud of their home, and everyone should be able to live in a home that is fresh and clean – and that is where we come in.
We will help you with our custom house cleaning services that are designed to make YOUR home as clean as possible. There is no need to ponder how to clean an oven, and you don’t need to figure out how to thoroughly clean your bathroom. More importantly, you do not need to set aside the time to do it yourself, as we’ll take care of everything for you.

In addition to standard cleaning procedures, we use steam cleaning technology to get everything spotless. Visual cleanliness is not where the story ends…it’s just the beginning of your experience with Happy Clean.

Residential Cleaning Services Miami FL

When we say we take care of everything, we mean it. We take care of your home by cleaning it to an excellent standard, we take care of you and your family by minimizing the risks within your home, and we take care of the job at every step.
When our cleaners arrive, they’ll have all the necessary supplies and cleaning equipment with them to get the job done. Every member of our team is highly trained and will work safely and efficiently. We have the highest respect for your home and property, and you can be sure that your home will soon be spotlessly clean.
It’s like having the kind of serviced apartment Miami residents love, but in any home – you’re home, to be precise. Every room can be cleaned throughout your home, and our team is equally happy to clean your bedroom, clean your bathroom, and clean your kitchen.

house and home cleaning services in Miami for residential customers

We aim is to provide 100% satisfaction and we know that completing the cleaning process exactly how you want us to will be the best way of delivering the right result. We are called Happy Clean for a reason – we want to make you happy, and by cleaning your home to an excellent standard, we can achieve our aim.
You do not even need to be home when we are cleaning. You can arrange an appointment for our home cleaning services in Miami FL in advance, and we will take care of everything when it is most convenient for you.

The Benefits of Steam Cleaning Homes in Miami

house and home cleaning services in Miami for residential customers

As part of our residential cleaning service, we use steam cleaning equipment to thoroughly clean your home. Disinfectant is often used to clean and minimize the risk of the transmission of viruses and microbes, and with the advent of COVID-19, thorough cleaning has become even more important.
The currently available evidence, as per the CDC, is that the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) may remain viable for hours. The virus – and many other viruses – is highly contagious, and bacteria can cause illnesses too. Even if you don’t share a space with someone present at the same time, viruses and bacteria (along with other microbes) may be able to survive on surfaces of all kinds for an extended period, and not every surface or material is suitable for cleaning with disinfectant.

Steam cleaning kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses – including the deadly coronavirus COVID-19 – leaving your rooms, furniture, and appliances clean at every level. The benefits of steam cleaning include the fact that it is perfectly safe with no harsh chemicals included and can be used anywhere in your home.
The nature of steam means that it can penetrate deeper and reach areas that cleaning with disinfectant cannot touch, making it the perfect choice for deep cleaning your home and protecting you and your family from the effects of coronavirus. You will never get into the tiny cracks and holes in surfaces by scrubbing, no matter how hard you try. Steam simply expands into the available space, even through the tiniest of holes, giving you the best protection possible and cleaning more thoroughly than any other method.
Additionally, we use vacuums with HEPA filters built-in which further reduces the presence of microbes and tiny particles. HEPA is an abbreviation of High-Efficiency Particulate Air and is a filter that provides a high level of efficiency, trapping particles within the filter rather than recirculating them through the air. Lingering pet dander, pollen, and even tobacco smoke is yesterday’s news, leaving you home safe, clean, and smelling great.
Using this technology to clean your bedroom is part of our professional house cleaning services in Miami. Steam cleaning and HEPA filters will eliminate even bad smells, so you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that your home is wonderfully clean and sanitized.

We believe your satisfaction can only be enhanced when we keep everyone in your home safe and well. The combination of our experience and skill, our team’s commitment to quality and satisfaction, and the appropriate use of cleaning techniques and equipment will deliver the best result for everyone who chooses our home cleaning services in Miami.

Complete House Cleaning Service in Miami

When you need your house cleaning in Miami, we offer multiple services to get everything to your liking. We can even customize our services to fit your needs because we know that “one size fits all” isn’t always true. Our aim is always 100% customer satisfaction for without you, our customers, we would not exist. You can see our commitment to customer service by checking out our reviews, we regularly receive 5-star ratings across Google and Yelp.
Choosing the housekeepers Miami residents rate highly can only be the right choice for your home. We have the skill and experience to provide house cleaning services Miami homeowners recommend to other people – this is the highest form of compliment we can receive when our work is considered good enough to tell other people about it.

house and home cleaning services in Miami for residential customers
house and home cleaning services in Miami for residential customers

Our complete house cleaning service in Miami means exactly that – we can clean every part of your home. We can steam clean your entire house or apartment to get every room cleaner than ever before. Steam cleaning brings out the best in your home.
Appliance cleaning is made simple, and we offer oven degreasing, refrigerator sanitation, and microwave cleaning to name just a few of the options available. Steam cleaning enhances our ability to remove grime, stuck-on grease, and ground-in dirt. We’ll even be able to clean items and areas that you may have previously thought to be “uncleanable”!
We provide just the same level of service that we give to our commercial customers and offer the same customization facilities. Every customer is of equal importance to us, and we are happy to take on jobs both large and small.

If you have a special cleaning requirement, just let us know, and we will do whatever we can to provide a custom cleaning solution just for you. Whatever you need to have cleaned in your home, just contact us and we will discuss everything with you. Our mission is to provide the residential cleaning services that Miami needs, so whenever you need your home cleaning, just get in touch.
Professional Cleaning Services Miami FL – What’s Included
At Happy Clean LLC, we provide a full range of home cleaning services to get your home as clean as possible. Our residential cleaning services in Miami include every room and area within your home, and we are equally happy cleaning houses and apartments, or any other kind of permanent accommodation.

house and home cleaning services in Miami for residential customers

We provide floor cleaning for hard surfaces as floor cleaning in Miami can often be overlooked. Also offering tile and grout cleaning on floors, we bring back the sparkle and refresh the colors.
In the kitchen, we can provide oven cleaning, appliance cleaning, and worksurface cleaning. Your kitchen can be fully sanitized and safe to use for everyone, cleaning up visible dirt and the microbial residue that may be left behind. This lowers the chance of food poisoning, the transmission of viruses (including COVID-19) and helps you stay healthy.
A complete window washing service is available for every window in your home, and many other house cleaning services Miami residents rely on are available from our friendly and professional team.
We can clean inside and outside your home with equal ease, so you can have the cleanest balconies, windows, and window sills around. We always use the most appropriate tools and equipment for the task at hand to guarantee we can complete the work effectively and on time.
House cleaning for Miami homes doesn’t have to be difficult, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be something only your neighbors do – we want to help you stay on top of your cleaning regime, and we know it can be difficult to find the time to do it yourself. We are passionate about cleaning, intentional about doing a great job, and here when you need us to clean your home in Miami.

Housekeepers Miami

house and home cleaning services in Miami for residential customers

If you’re looking for a housekeeper, we can certainly help. Housekeepers and maids are traditionally job titles given to the people who are tasked with cleaning and maintaining a private residence or business, and that’s exactly what we do.
While we work in buildings of all types, we always strive to provide the same high level of service to every customer. This means that whether you own your home, rent a building or apartment, or run a business, we’ll give you the same respect and always provide the same excellent services.
The housekeepers Miami homeowners find to be the most effective are the ones who adapt to the way they live. Your lifestyle may put many demands on you, and your time may not feel like it is your own. 

From floor cleaning in Miami homes to window washing, sanitizing your kitchen to ensuring your bedroom is fresh and clean, there’s a lot to do – and you don’t need to do it yourself.
Our home cleaning services in Miami, Florida, are tailored specifically to every customer. Some people just want a hand every few weeks, while others need a one-time major clean up. You are our priority, and you are the reason we exist as a business, so we do all that we can to perfectly match your needs.

You can arrange a reoccurring appointment so that the cleaning requirements never get out of hand, and we’re willing to accommodate your needs wherever possible. As the housekeepers Miami residents trust to clean, sanitize, and disinfect, we’re here to help by providing the professional cleaning services Miami needs to sparkle and shine.

When Do You Need House Cleaning Services in Miami?

Homes in Miami are often cleaned regularly with or without house cleaning services in Miami. However, you may notice that after a while, the task becomes overwhelming, and we are happy to step in to assist you.
We can visit your home whenever you need us to, on whatever schedule matches your needs and your cleaning requirements. Individual visits for cleaning can also be arranged and are highly useful in many of circumstances.
If you’ve had a disaster in the kitchen or a problem at a party, the chances are you may need professional help to get on top of your cleaning. Spilled drinks may only be part of the issue if you’ve hosted a party, as food can accidentally be dropped too, and even on tiled floors stains can persist – we’re here for you when you need to clean up after a party in Miami.
On the other hand, maybe you are just preparing for a party, social event, or family get-together in your home. We can ensure that your home looks the absolute best to give a great impression to everyone who visits, and that includes getting your windows spotless and your rooms clean.
Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new residence. It’s certainly worthwhile to get your new home cleaned professionally to guarantee you’re getting a fresh start and that the previous residents didn’t accidentally leave behind any nasty surprises.
Or you may be on the other side of this and about to move out – we can clean up as you go to give the new occupants the best possible start.
We also provide appliance steam cleaning services to get your appliances clean and safe. Steam sanitization will ensure viruses and microbes are dealt with, giving you and your family full confidence to use every appliance whenever you need to. Grease is removed, ground in dirt is history, and appliances often work more efficiently when they are professionally cleaned.

house and home cleaning services in Miami for residential customers
house and home cleaning services in Miami for residential customers

For homeowners who are having work done on their building including remodeling and renovations, you may be surprised by the amount of dust and dirt that appears in every corner of your home due to the work that is taking place. Our professional residential cleaning services in Miami FL will get your newly updated home back to the high standard of cleanliness that you are used to in no time at all.
Construction work doesn’t have to be hampered by the fear of “what happens next?” – you’ll enjoy all the benefits of your remodeled home without the downside of dust and debris being left everywhere.
There’s no better or easier way to get your home clean than by choosing the professional team from Happy Clean LLC. Locally based in Miami, we serve the whole of South Florida and we’re ready to take on all residential cleaning tasks, small and large.

We understand that cleaning is always a priority, but life sometimes gets in the way. We provide home cleaning services professionally and without judgment – if your home needs cleaning, it needs cleaning, and that’s it!

From single rooms to whole buildings, we are here to help, and we’ll always do it with a professional attitude and a commitment to your satisfaction. We provide the home cleaning services Miami residents can trust at all times of the year.

Custom Residential Cleaning Services

Call 305-200-8122 to arrange an appointment or chat with one of our agents directly through our website. You may require home cleaning in an emergency, or you may just want to enquire about our services. We’re happy to talk to you and give you more information, and we’re sure you’ll discover that the house cleaning services we provide to Miami are second to none.

To get the process started, we’ve made it as simple as possible for residential customers to order our services. Contact us or book an appointment today – we’ll be happy to clean your home for you.

house and home cleaning services in Miami for residential customers
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