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Bad smells? Blocked sink drain? Steam cleaning is the answer

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Stop Bad Smells with Sink Drain Steam Cleaning

Steaming your sink drains may be one of the most overlooked essentials in a maintenance and cleaning program. The benefits of steam cleaning your drain pipes are great, including the prevention of clogged drains which can cause a hefty repair bill.

Cleaning your drain pipes will stop clogs from forming so easily and keep your pipes clean and fresh. If you’ve ever experienced a foul odor emanating from a drain or seen a sink draining very slowly, you’ll begin to understand why keeping your sink drains clean and sanitized is a good idea.

Stop Bad Smells with Sink Drain Steam Cleaning

Bad smells and foul odors are commonly associated with your toilet, but it is often more likely that another area of your plumbing is to blame – the drains. The purpose of your sink drains is to carry away wastewater, and because of this function your drains will often be wet, not thoroughly drying out between uses.

This is an ideal breeding ground for mold and bacteria. While running water will sweep away some of these microbes, it is ineffective for removing all of them. Mold and bacteria can rapidly grow and multiply, releasing gases during the process – gases that smell like rotten eggs or something worse.

Steam cleaning your sink drains will remove and kill the mold and bacteria that can produce noxious fumes, leaving your room smelling pleasant and preventing fast growth.

Steam Cleaning Sink Drains Improves Drain Efficiency

Steam cleaning sink drains will remove built-up dirt and residue from the pipes allowing water to flow more freely. This improves the speed at which your sink drains and stops gurgling and slow drainage. You can remove a large amount of this dirt with commercially available chemicals, but these chemicals can cause long-term damage to your pipes if used regularly.

This will mean that you will eventually need to replace your pipes, which is an expense that can be avoided if you regularly steam clean your sink drains instead.

Keep Your Home Safe from Damage with Sink Steam Cleaning

Chemical damage can cause leaks by corroding or otherwise damaging your drain pipes, but other factors can cause pipes to split, crack, or break. Minimizing the chance of this happening with steam cleaning also helps protect your home from a secondary issue – the content of any water that does leak.

After steam cleaning, there will be no active bacteria or mold in your drain pipes, and no chemicals will have been used in the process. This means that relatively clean water will be in the pipes.

Using other processes to clean pipes will mean the water contains a mix of harsh chemicals and still potentially active bacteria and mold. Steam cleaning is the safest and most effective way of cleaning your sink drains.

Sink Drain Steam Cleaning Services

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