Helping People Live Cleaner Lives

"Helping People Live Cleaner Lives"

Professional Cleaning Services in Miami, FL

Happy Clean LLC is a Professional Cleaning Company in Miami, FL providing a complete range of cleaning services in Greater Miami and surrounding areas. Our team members are all highly trained professionals who are equipped with the latest in cleaning technology. Our environmentally friendly cleaning methods use powerful steam cleaners to get rid of ground-in dirt, grime, and dust to brighten up even the dirtiest workspaces. Are you looking for the best cleaning company in Miami? Give us a call today at 305-200-8122 or chat with an agent to receive your custom quote.

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We provide the service balcony owners in Miami need to keep their balconies clean and usable all year round. Professional balcony cleaning is available for houses, apartments, and offices – wherever there is a balcony that needs cleaning, we will be there to help with our service.


Whether it’s employees, customers, visitors, or friends, window washing is an important part of our range of cleaning services. Chat with an agent now to find out more about our window cleaning solution that gives everyone who visits a great first impression.


We provide appliance steam cleaning for homes in the Miami area.

With our residential cleaning services available for all areas of your home, we offer specialized steam cleaning to fully clean and sanitize the appliances you use.

Residential Steam Cleaning

Complete house cleaning services from TOP to BOTTOM of your home. We use steam to deep clean your home, protecting against COVID-19, and offering residential cleaning services including oven degreasing, refrigerator sanitation, and microwave cleaning.

Commercial Steam Cleaning

First impressions matter and having a clean and fresh environment for your customers and employees to use is important for any business. Commercial cleaning services in Miami from Happy Clean will get your building as clean as can be, providing a safe space for everyone to use. 

Move-in/Move-out Steam Cleaning

If you are moving out, there’s a lot to remember, and if you’re moving in, there’s a lot to do. We aim to reduce the stress to a minimum with our residential cleaning and steam cleaning services that we can provide to everyone who is involved in moving – including real estate agents.

Post-Construction Steam Cleaning

For many businesses and individuals, construction work can bring both pleasure and problems. The benefits are the creation of a new building, alterations to an existing building, better use of space, or even more space becoming available.

Extra Services

Steaming your sink drains can stop the build-up of dirt, grime, mold, and bacteria in your drain pipes and… 

Professional Cleaning Company Miami, FL

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Our customers are very important to us, and we have worked hard to provide you with a simple service from start to end. We’ll answer your calls, give you support whenever you need it, and it is easy to book and pay for our cleaning services directly on our website. For residential customers, just give us the details of your home and any quirks it may have, and we’ll show you the value. Tell us when you need it to be cleaned, and we’ll make it happen – you can choose individual cleaning sessions or book regular visits for maid services. For commercial customers, our cleaning company can assist with the upkeep of your office, storefront, etc, and we can work with all kinds of businesses including banks, small stores, and others. We provide window washing up to the third floor and can get your business clean, safe, and attractive quickly. Contact us now for more information. With an online service that takes under a minute to book, why not book your cleaning job now?