Frequent Asked Questions

#1 Can you clean when I am not at the property?

Yes, we can! Simply give us a call at 305-200-8122 or chat with our agents directly on our website and we can arrange an appointment for any of our services.

#2 Does Happy Clean bring cleaning supplies?

Yes, we do. All our cleaners are fully trained and will arrive with all the necessary supplies and cleaning equipment based on the job.

#3 If I book a recurring cleaning, will it always be the same team?

All of our cleaners go through the same stringent training process so that they can deliver high-quality cleaning services in Miami. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the same team members will always be available to clean your property.

#4 What is your cancelation policy?

Please refer to our cancellation policy 

#5 How can I receive a quote for window washing and balcony floor scrub?

Simply chat with an agent and provide a video of all your windows and balconies. You must upload it directly to our chat or by sending it via SMS to 305-200-8122. Once our agents receives the video we will be able to provide an accurate price for window washing and balcony floor scrub.

#6 How do I schedule a cleaning?

For our residential customers

For our commercial customers

Commercial properties will require a walk-through to help with fully evaluating your cleaning requirements.

#7 What areas do you serve?
#8 How can I pay?

You can finalize your booking by placing a card on file (Pre-authorization) that will be processed once the service has been completed. We use Stripe to process card payments for your convenience and security. Stripe is an excellent, well-known, and trusted payment processing service, We will send you an email receipt as soon as the charge is made.

#9 Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, we do offer gift cards for our cleaning services, and they can be found HERE!

#10 How effective is steam?

Steam is highly effective for cleaning. Not only does it remove dirt and grime of all kinds, including ground-in dirt that would otherwise be difficult to clean, it is also effective for sanitizing and disinfecting. Steam alone kills 99.999% of germs, viruses, and bacteria – including the COVID-19 coronavirus and areas that are covered with biofilm. To find out more, please see ourIs steam cleaning effective against coronavirus/COVID-19?” page.

#11 If I am a reoccurring client and forgot my password, how do I access my portal?

Simply click the following link and choose theForgot your password?option to easily access our cleaning services online again.