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Top 10 things to steam clean in your residence

Top 10 things to steam clean in your residence | Happy Clean | Miami Cleaning Company

Whether you use a residential house cleaning service or attend to cleaning your home yourself, some areas need deep cleaning regularly. Steam cleaning is the most effective way to get rid of dirt and germs, and Happy Clean provides cleaning services with the latest steam cleaning technology.

Here are the top 10 things to steam clean for a really clean house.

1. Sink Drains

Steaming your sink drains can stop the build-up of dirt, grime, mold, and bacteria in your drain pipes and increase the speed at which your sink empties. Growing mold can produce foul odors, and while using chemicals to clean drains can help, chemicals may also damage your pipes. If this results in pipes splitting or cracking, a spillage of a potent mix of bacteria, mold, chemicals, and dirty water can result. Avoid the problem by regularly steam cleaning your sink drains instead.

2. On appliances

It’s important to keep the appliances in your kitchen germ-free, but steam cleaning your appliances will make them visibly cleaner too. If you’re wondering how to clean a microwave when something has spilled and burned, wonder no more – steam cleaning will make light work of it.

Steam can give you a sanitized and clean refrigerator, and oven degreasing takes minutes rather than hours. Your appliances will work more efficiently without any kind of build-up inside them, and you’ll be safe from avoidable problems such as food poisoning and the spread of disease.

3. On bathrooms

Your bathroom is a haven for germs of all kinds, and bacteria will thrive in an environment that is often damp and warm. Steam cleaning brings the sparkle back to your bathroom, gives you a clean toilet, a clean bath, and the confidence that even bacteria that have gained a firm hold will be gone after the cleaning is complete.

4. In the kitchen area

Not only is it important to steam clean your appliances, but it’s also important to keep your entire kitchen clean. From doors to windows and window sills, worktops to stovetops, every surface should be sanitized regularly. Preventing the spread of illness caused by bacteria or viruses is important, and steam cleaning will make your kitchen look great too.

5. On tile and grout

Tiles are simple to wipe clean, but grout can easily become dirty over time. That’s not just surface dirt – it’s a breeding ground for bacteria and germs of all kinds. Bacteria spreads and will spread more easily if splashed with water or spread around as you try to wipe clean your tiles, and it doesn’t matter if the tiles are on the walls or the floor. The effect is the same!

Steam cleaning eliminates 99.999% of the microbes present and lifts the dirt out of the tile surface and the grout, restoring their former appearance.

6. On trash cans

You will most likely have a trash can somewhere in your home, and you’ll certainly have a trash can on the exterior of your home. Each time you touch one of these, you could be spreading germs. You might only ever put “clean” items in your trash, but the chances are that you touch the lid with your hands – and nobody washes their hands before touching a trash can!

Steam cleaning your trash cans will prevent the excess growth of bacteria and stop the spread of viruses, as well as make them look good too.

7. Children toys and baby crib

Children and babies have immune systems that are much less well-developed than adults, and so are more susceptible to illnesses caused by bacteria or viruses. While you may think all is well if you can prevent your child from chewing their toys (easier said than done with a baby), microbes can transfer from toys to hands very easily, so if your child puts their hand in their mouth the bacteria will easily enter their system. It’s not a matter of how to clean baby toys, it’s more a matter of steam cleaning baby toys regularly.

Similarly, baby cribs can become covered with bacteria, including baby mattresses. Steam cleaning the crib will help to keep your child safe.

8. On upholstery

Disinfecting upholstery by steam cleaning makes sense as chemical disinfectants can damage the material and will absorb into the furniture, possibly causing lasting damage and not effectively cleaning it. As well as getting rid of microbes, steam cleaning upholstery removes surface dirt, brightening and refreshing the appearance of even worn furniture.

9. On golf clubs, bicycles, and golf carts

Steam cleaning sports equipment of all kinds is a good idea. Removing dirt and restoring the look of the item goes hand in hand with killing any germs present. Any piece of equipment that is held or touched during sport has a high chance of bacterial growth due to the presence of sweat on the human body. Steam cleaning tackles this head-on, leaving your sports equipment safe and clean.

10. Sliding door tracks

Sliding door tracks allow your door to move freely back and forth, but you know there are times that the action isn’t as smooth as you would hope. This is due to a build-up of dirt and grime in the tracks. You can try brushing it, using vacuum suction to extract it, or several other methods, but the dirt is often ground-in and won’t move.

Steam cleaning effectively extracts this dirt, loosening even the toughest grime, and allowing your doors to slide freely again.

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