Why Do Sink Drains Get Clogged?

Steaming Sink Drains

Blocked drains are a common problem that happens to many homeowners and businesses. Blocked drains have been a common problem for homeowners and businesses for as long as plumbing has existed.

It’s an ugly and smelly situation for any homeowner to go through, but it can also be prevented if you know what the causes of blocked drains are.   With time, debris accumulates in the pipe and clogs it up. This can result in anything from minor inconveniences to flooding.

Many people assume that hair is the only thing that can block their drains, which is not true at all. Many more significant problems can cause drain blockages, but luckily, there is a solution that will fix this problem quickly – steam cleaning sink drains.

Why Do Sink Drains Get Blocked?

As we’ve already said, one of the biggest causes of blocked drains is hair, but it’s not the only issue. There are many other things, such as food particles and grease build-up or even paper towels, which will accumulate over time until it becomes too much for your pipes to take.

Only water would ever flow down the drain in an ideal world, but if you wash your hands, any tiny particles that are stuck to your skin will head down the drain. On their own, this isn’t a problem – but you most likely wash your hands more than once in your whole lifetime!

When pots and pans are washed, fat, oil, and grease can easily slip down the drain. This is because warm water will make these materials more liquid, and the problem arises when they begin to cool, which is often as soon as they’ve gone down the drain. They solidify and stick to other particles, and eventually, your drain becomes blocked.

A blocked drain is a perfect environment for bacteria to grow, and often one of the first signs of a clogged drain is a terrible odor. Another common sign is that water drains out of the sink more slowly – but most people notice the smell first.

Steaming Sink Drains

You can find an assortment of chemicals to pour down your drain from the local store. These chemicals are intended to dissolve fat, shift hair, and help the waste progress along the drain – but they’re not always as effective as you might hope. Plus, pouring chemicals down a drain isn’t environmentally friendly!

Using directed and controlled steam to clean your sink drains is a much better option. The high temperature of the steam melts and loosens fat and oil, and causes hair to lose its grip and get on its way.

Plus, steam naturally sanitizes your drain, destroying and removing bacteria. It’s a simple way to get rid of odors at the same time as allowing your sink drains to flow freely.

If you have had a problem with blocked drains in the past, or if your sink is draining slowly now and stinks to high heaven, then it might be time for some steam cleaning. It’s an affordable and environmentally-friendly solution that works well on hair clogs as well as grease build-up. Give us a call today to get your sink drains steam cleaned!

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