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Why Should You Choose Steam Cleaning?

Why should you choose steam cleaning | Miami Steam Cleaning Services

The cleaning industry has a multi-billion-dollar global market. It often covers the use of chemicals and equipment to remove dirt and grime from various surfaces in buildings, such as floors or windows. The problem with these common cleaners is that they are full of harmful chemicals that can damage our health and the environment. At Happy Clean, we use an eco-friendly alternative – steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning & Eco-friendly products

By using steam cleaning and eco-friendly products that don’t cause damage to the environment, we can protect the world and your health. But is this as effective as using chemical-based cleaners?

In a word – yes! Steam cleaning is a highly effective method of sanitizing any area. Not only will steam loosen and remove visible dirt and grime, but it will also deep clean any surface more effectively than other solutions.

Steam can enter small cracks and holes in the surface being cleaned, getting deep inside. The effect is that it cleans more thoroughly than any other method and destroys viruses and bacteria at the same time.

All of this without chemicals!

How To Clean Your Floor Effectively

Want to get your floor spotless? Want to know how to clean floor grout without scrubbing? Do you need a safe way to eradicate all the germs on your floor?

Steam cleaning your floor is safe because it doesn’t leave any chemical residue behind, but perhaps you are used to scrubbing your floor and using harsh chemicals to get rid of dirt.

At Happy Clean, we use steam cleaning to naturally loosen even ground-in dirt, getting your floor clean. Steam sanitizes, so there will be no more worrying about your kids, pets, or loved ones who might come into contact with the area.

As for your grout, we have special machines designed for the task. Your floor will sparkle, your grout will gleam, and our eco-friendly products and methods don’t cause damage to the environment.

Can You Steam Clean an Oven?

Floors are one thing, but ovens are something entirely different. The food you cook will go straight into your body, so you mustn’t ingest chemicals – but many people consider chemical cleaning to be the best way to clean an oven.

The truth is, the chemicals in most oven cleaners are less safe than steam cleaning. With steam, you’ll find that grease and burnt-on food are naturally broken down without hurting your body or the environment. It’s fast, safe, and highly effective.

The Eco-Friendly Combination

By using cleaning products that are entirely eco-friendly in combination with steam, we know we can get your home or office brilliantly clean without affecting your health or damaging the planet while protecting you from bacterial and viral diseases, including COVID-19.

There’s no better way to get rid of dirt and grime than with steam, and we’re confident that you’ll be as happy as we are with the results.


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